Teach Your Kids about Recycling

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How To Teach Your Kids About The Benefits of Recycling

The Benefits of Recycling At Home
There are innumerable benefits for recycling at home. First, your children will develop strong ecological habits. Furthermore, the best way to develop strong green habits is by starting at an early age. The older we get, the less likely we are to be motivated by learning new skills. Second, children will feel part of something bigger than themselves. In other words, your kids will feel the power of helping the planet and being a successful Earth steward.

Starting Early Is The Read more…

Going Green for the Whole Family

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Going green does not have to a huge challenge, and it can even be a family activity for those who are willing to make the smallest of efforts. To learn more about going green for the whole family, keep reading.

Parents can set a great example for going green; by choosing to recycle, use public transportation, or carpooling, moms and dads can teach their young children how adults make conscious decisions on living a green lifestyle.

Children can contribute to the green effort at home, too. Ask your kids how they would like to contribute; if Read more…

Five Ways to Maximize Your Use of Renewable Resources

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Choosing renewable resources is an essential aspect of living a green lifestyle. Fortunately, renewable resources can offer many benefits for your home and office. By choosing renewable benefits, you will enjoy knowing that you are doing the best you can to conserve our environmental resources while also being at the forefront of a movement that is quickly gaining in popularity. Here, are five ways to maximize your use of renewable resources.

First, you will want to learn Read more…

Be a Clever Composter

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If you have not already made a compost pile in your backyard, this is definitely something that you will want to think about doing sometime soon. Not only does a compost pile make it easy for you to get rid of various food-related items from around the home, but it can also provide you with very nutrient-rich soil that will make it easy for you to grow things in your garden and elsewhere in your lawn.

To be a clever composter, however, you need Read more…

Go Green at Home

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There are a number of ways to help conserve energy and reduce the environmental footprint of a household. One of the first steps should be to perform an energy audit. This can be done by a professional or with a small device. The audit measures how much energy each appliance or device uses throughout the day. The audit will show what appliances need to be replaced or used less.

Homeowners should avoid buying cleaning products and yard care products that contain harmful chemicals. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in many household cleaners can cause respiratory problems and will Read more…